About “Family Bible” released 1995

Bluegrass Unlimited

“Gary and Roberta share the vocals and establish their prowess in interpreting Bluegrass gospel music.”

“The Gordons have created an exhilarating gospel package capable of drawing widespread attention.”

“Expect to hear more from this duo in the future.”

WPLN/FM, Bluegrass Breakdown, Nashville, TN.

“Many thanks for The Gordons new all-gospel tour de force, Family Bible. This is a top-flight bluegrass highlighted by superb harmonies, nice song selection and fine back-up. I’ll be spreading The Gospel According to the Gordons here in Nashville!”

WOUI/FM in Chicago

“It was refreshing to hear music of such originality and quality for a change.”

European Country Music Association / Cees Dorlijn, President

“Thank you very much for this beautiful record. We think you are among the top bluegrass artists in the world.”

Ted Clark’s Countrytime Show / The Netherlands

“I’m a radio programmer on Grensland International Radio and numerous international stations carry my Bluegrass Express Show. I have requests coming in worldwide for ‘Dust on the Bible’ from Family Bible CD.”

About “End of a Long Hard Day” released 1997

Bluegrass Unlimited

“Each time I sat down to write about this CD I found myself just listening to it again and finding something new I liked about it. This is not slick bluegrass. It is very good bluegrass with a country sensibility and something very contemporary at the same time…. this recording is powerful in its simplicity and honesty.”

Music Row – Nashville’s Music Industry Publication
by Robert Oermann

“The Gordons sing with such open-hearted honesty and pick with such crystalline purity that you’d have to be made of steel to resist them.”

Dirty Linen Magazine

“Like an eye graced by a solitary tear, this album is touching, sad and very beautiful.”